Devon Cliffs Caravan Sales

Devon Cliffs Caravan Sales - imagine owning your own holiday home here at Devon Cliffs and taking as many holidays as you wished.   

Located a top rocky sandstone cliffs with great views of the sea, with all that a 5 star park has to offer.

The cost of a caravan here may be cheaper that you think - and if you wish you could rent your holiday home out to cover the costs etc.

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This is my 3rd visit to Devon Cliffs (2nd time this year). I really enjoy staying at Devon Cliffs as it has a lot to offer in comparison to other Haven sites in the country. Ill start this review with what i enjoyed the most about this holiday, which was the entertainment. The funstars are the backbone of the entertainment at Haven and they do an amazing job on putting on a show and are great with entertaining the kids. This holiday was no different as the funstars were fantastic and made evenings very enjoyable! Not just for the kids, but for the adults too. There was a game show played some nights where the adults take part to win a bottle of wine, answering questions to the theme of the show. I had the oppurtunity to take part 1 night and it was a lot of fun. There is a lot of entertainment for the kids, my daughter enjoied the shows and was in her element!!
Devon Cliffs has a pretty big complex with the arcade, soft play, small food court and bar all in 1 room so the kids can enjoy themselves whilst adult can be at the bar or order food. This is a big plus when i can let my daughter and niece go play in soft play area whilst i order food and wait for the food to be ready.
Devon Cliffs has a big family swimming pool with slides that can accommodate to most ages. The changing facilities are quite big with plenty of changing facilities for everyone. At the bottom of the site is the entrance to the beach. The beach is a really good size and is really easy to get to.
The checking in process was a breeze with a giy dressed as a pirate guiding everyone through the process. The people at the check in desk were very helpful and helped out a lot. The caravan we was in was only a couple minutes walk from the complex. The cleaning staff have done a really good job with getting the caravan ready for us. The caravan was spotless and had no problems with it. I had a prestige caravan which had a lot of space for 3 adults and 2 children.
Devon Cliffs is in a good location with shops such as Tesco and Lidl being 1 minute drive away or 10 minute walk. World of country life on their door step and Center of Exmouth only being 5 minutes drive away.
Overall i am very pleased with my holiday. I had no problems what so ever and all the staff do a fantastic job!! My experience at Devon Cliffs gets better evertime i visit. I will definitely be back in the near future!! 


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Haven Pool
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Haven Cafe
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