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Enjoyable break in Devon
Booked before Covid kicked off and we've spent months wondering if we will get the holiday and should we...... We are glad we stuck it out and carried on with it! The weather may not have been the best this week but we had a great time in Devon Cliffs and stayed on Beech Walk which is perfect distance between both the main complex and the beach. The check-in process is great and straightforward. We had a couple of teething problems with a cot instead of a bed and then missing linen but this was easily resolved over several texts to the helpline each time. We booked a standard caravan and it did fit the ticket, a kind of no frills affair which was perfect for a Monday to Friday job but would have got cabin fever anything longer. Everyone on site was lovely and friendly.…

A lovely relaxing week .....
...... after months of self isolating . Wonderful views and refreshing sea air did wonders to revive my breathing difficulties and general well-being. I missed visiting The Clifton Arms, which we normally do - excellent food and atmosphere - but I was still a bit wary of eating out. We had an extremely delicious Indian meal delivered to the security gate. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and safety measures from the staff and our caravan was spotless. Definitely will visit again next year.

Check in process quick and easy, 6-7 check in not ideal with younger children but we understand why. Caravan was fairly tidy, apart from the floor which was filthy and needed a mop which we did. Arcade really good, along with the swimming pool. Great to have a beach at the bottom of the park. Some caravans you have to walk down to from a nearby car park which with bags is not an ideal start to the holiday and at night you can feel the base from the entertainment transfer to the caravan(if you are fairly close to the main complex) Overall the park is very clean with good facilities, covid measures are very good. We would return return  


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